Are you seeking the truth? You need to go beyond knowledge

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Knowledge is not of much assistance. Only being could end up being the vehicle for the other coast. You can take place thinking, collecting details– yet those are paper boats, they won’t help in an ocean voyage. If you stay on the coast and also take place talking about them, it is all right– paper watercrafts are comparable to real watercrafts if you never choose the voyage, however if you choose the trip with paper boats then you will certainly be drowned. As well as words are just paper watercrafts– not even that substantial.

And when we accumulate knowledge, just what do we do? Nothing adjustments inside. The being continues to be absolutely untouched. Simply like dust, information collects around you– similar to dirt gathering around a mirror: the mirror remains the same, just it loses its mirroring top quality. Just what you understand with the mind makes no difference– your awareness stays the same. It comes to be worse, because accumulated knowledge is simply like dust around your mirroring awareness, the awareness reflects less and also much less and less.

The extra you know, the less aware you come to be. When you are completely loaded with scholarship, borrowed expertise, you are already dead. Then nothing comes to you as your very own. Every little thing is borrowed and also parrot-like.

What you know with the mind makes no distinction– your consciousness continues to be the same

Do parrots have an opinion?

Mind is a parrot. I have heard– it happened in the days of Joseph Stalin– that a guy, an extremely prominent communist, pertained to the Moscow police headquarters and reported that his parrot was missing out on. Because this male was a very popular communist, the chief at the police headquarters made inquiries regarding the parrot, for it was substantial as well as needed to be searched for. In his inquiries he asked, “Does the parrot talk?”

The communist, the comrade, really felt a small fear, and after that he claimed, “Yes, he talks. But note it down: whatsoever political viewpoints he has, they are totally his very own.”

But just how can a parrot have opinions of its own? A parrot can not have point of views of its very own– as well as neither could the mind, because mind is a mechanism. A parrot is a lot more alive compared to a mind. Also a parrot might have some opinions of its own, however the mind can not. Mind is a computer, a biocomputer. It accumulates. It is never ever original, it can not be. Whatsoever it has actually is obtained, taken from others.

You become original only when you transcend mind. When the mind is dropped, as well as the awareness deals with existence directly, immediately, moment to minute touching presence, you come to be original. Then, for the very first time, you are authentically your own.

Otherwise all suggestions are borrowed. You may price estimate scriptures, you might know by rote all the Vedas, the Koran, the Gita, The Scriptures, however that makes no distinction– they are not your own. And understanding that is not your very own is hazardous, a lot more dangerous than lack of knowledge, since it is a covert lack of knowledge, and you will not be able to see that you are deceiving on your own. You are bring false coins and believing that you are an abundant guy, bring false stones and assuming that they are Kohinoors. Eventually your poverty will certainly be revealed. You will be surprised. This takes place whenever you die, whenever death comes near. In the shock that death provides to you, all of a sudden you realise that you have not acquired anything– because just that is obtained which is obtained in being.

A parrot could not have opinions of its own– and also neither can the mind, due to the fact that mind is a mechanism

Knowledge must be transcended

You have built up fragments of understanding from below as well as there, you could have come to be a fantastic encyclopedia, however that is not the point, as well as particularly for those that remain in search of reality, that is a barrier, not an aid. Understanding needs to be transcended.

When there is no knowledge, recognizing happens, due to the fact that understanding is your quality– the top quality of awareness. It is much like a mirror: the mirror shows whatsoever is there, awareness shows the reality that is constantly in front of you, just at the idea of your nose. The mind is in between– as well as the mind goes on babbling, and the truth continues to be just in front of you and also the mind goes on babbling. As well as you go with the mind. You miss. Mind is a great missing.

Knowledge is obtained, realise this. The very realisation becomes a going down of it. You do not have to do anything. Just become aware that whatsoever you know you have actually heard, you have not known it. You have actually reviewed it, you have actually not understood it, it is not a discovery to you, it is a conditioning of the mind. It has actually been instructed to you– you have actually not learned it. Reality can be learned, can not be instructed. Understanding suggests being responsive to whatsoever is around you– that which is, to be responsive to it. This is a great learning, however not knowledge.

There is no way to find truth– except with locating it. There is no short cut to it. You can not borrow, you could not swipe, you could not trick, to obtain to it. There is just no chance unless you lack any mind within you– due to the fact that mind is a wavering, mind is a continuous shivering, mind is never ever unmoving, it is a motion. It is similar to a wind, constantly flowing, and also the fire goes on wavering. When mind is not there the breeze stops, as well as the flame comes to be unmoving. When your awareness is an unmoving flame, you understand the reality. You have to discover exactly how not to adhere to the mind.

Truth is not a commodity

Nobody can give you the fact, no one, not also a Buddha, a Jesus, a Krishna– no one could offer it to you. As well as it is lovely that no one can give it to you, or else it would come to be a product in the market. If it could be offered, after that it can be offered likewise. If it can be offered, then it could be taken. If it can be offered after that you can take it from your pal, borrow it.

It is stunning that reality is not transferable whatsoever. Unless you reach it, you could not get to. Unless you become it, you never have it. Actually, it is not something you can have. It is not a commodity, a point, an idea. You could be it, but you can not have it.

Truth could never be possessed. There are 2 assets which can be possessed: ideas and things. Things could be possessed, ideas could be possessed– truth is neither. Truth is being. You can become it, however you could not possess it. You could not have it in your secure, you can not have it in your publication, you could not have it in your hand. When you have it, you are it. You become reality. It is not a concept, it is being itself.